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21 years have passed. The Akatsuki are no more and a wave of peace has washed over the vallies, but a new threat has arrived.
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 Birth of the Magma (The History)

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PostSubject: Birth of the Magma (The History)   Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:33 pm

The Magma Valley was one of the four original Valley's, next to the Stealth, Death, and Snow. It's founder was Roxl Oni, a wise man who helped bring life in the villages. With his close friends Saruka Keda and Jaymaru Iruki, and a lone shinobi named Tobimaru Yama, they would give birth to a new era of shinobi.

The Magma would rise to become one of the most powerful villages in the Valley and when the Akatsuki waged war on the villages, they would be ready. The First Great War meant heavy casualties, but Roxl would lead his shinobi without flaw. The end of the war left the villages in ruins, but as time passed, the Magma Valley would heal, like all over villages.

After Roxl's dead, his leadership would be handed down to his assistant and good friend Kadaj, who only held the position for a short amount of time before he gave up his right as Kage and became a rogue and later an Akatsuki. This left the Magma in great peril and as they scrabbled for a proper leader, they would find hope in Lucky. No one would know that he was the son of Orichimaru, but it was clear that the villagers were suspicious of him. They were right to do so, as Lucky and his younger brother Orochi would disappear, leaving the village in a weak state once more.

For a long time the village was without a Kage or an assistant, but Ester, a young jonin that had been taught by Roxl, the first Kage would take the stand, knowing it was the right thing to do. The young jonin had been nervous, but she found strength in Roxl's memory . She would even lead her village into the Second Great War, where she would die protecting her village and her assistant Shana would take over.

But Shana was not made for leadership and Magma Council would soon remove her from the position. Once more the Magma was left in a weakened state and so the leadership was handed to Kira, the current Kage. Like Roxl, she was a born leader. She would be ready to sign treaties with the surrounding villages and lend a helping hand when needed. She successfully helped to drive off two attacks in a single day, one from the Serpent Warriors and another from the Akatsuki.

Kira never faltered in her abilities and when she was overwhelmed, her faithful assistant Rumiko would be there at her side. Kira was also the one to send troops to the Death when the Akatsuki took over and even offered to send protection to the Stealth when the Snow declared war. When the offer was rejected, Kira did not grow bitter, but instead continued to run her village. She would also lead the Magma in the Third Great War against the Akatsuki and when success was made, she would continue to run her village, even when she lost her assistant.

Stop dwelling in the past, look forward to what's to come in the future.

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Birth of the Magma (The History)

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